Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

Exhibition Booth 食エリア Exhibition Booth 食エリア2

*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Japanese food

    1. 食エリアの日本料理
    2. Enjoy an exhibition of dishes for special occasions passed down as part of Japanese culture, then make a Japanese-style omelet at the workshop. Enjoy a delicious dashimaki (Japanese rolled omelet) made under the guidance of a professional.

      • Make a Japanese omelet.
      • Traditional New Year's cuisine known as o-sechi ryori, seasonal festival foods, kaiseki ryori, and other event foods will be on display.
  • Japanese food

    • Zenkoku Nihon Chori Ginoushikai Rengokai
    1. 食エリアの日本料理ブース
    2. Kaiseki ryori, a kind of formal and traditional Japanese course dining registered as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage, will be displayed along with regional cuisines that change by the day. A masterful performance of knife work to peel vegetables will be demonstrated. A vegetable cutting-mould workshop is also available.

      • Experience vegetable mukimono (decorative garnishing) and cutting.
      • Vegetable mukimono (decorative garnishing) and mould-cutting will be demonstrated.
      • Traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine will be displayed.
      • Boxed lunches from Nadaman, a long-established traditional Japanese restaurant, will be sold.
        This popular item can be eaten at the venue.