Privacy policy

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will handle the collection, use and management of personal information appropriately as follows and will implement the following measures to ensure safety.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations concerning protection of personal information

When handling personal information related to the implementation of the “Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques2022”, we will comply with the "Personal Information Protection Law" and other related laws and regulations.

2.The Responsibility of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

When collecting personal information, in principle, we will receive information provided by the person's will after clearly indicating the purpose of collection and making it clear within the necessary range to achieve the purpose. In addition, except in the case of future Expo holdings and guidance and inquiries about the measures from the Expo organizing organizations of the craftsmanship and the contents related thereto, We will not use anything within Tokyo Metropolitan Government beyond the purpose of collecting personal information or to anyone other than Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

3.Thorough security measures for personal information

We will place responsible persons in information management handling personal information and work on appropriate management for the protection of personal information. In addition, we will take appropriate measures to protect and maintain personal information received from leakage, theft, loss, destruction etc.

4.Matters concerning the handling of other personal information

In cases where you request to disclose or stop using your personal information from yourself or as a result of disclosure, if there is incorrect information which you hope to correct or delete, we respond without delay. In addition, we will thoroughly implement this policy for all members of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and secretariat and related organizations, and will raise security awareness.

For inquiries and disclosure requests etc. concerning personal information, please contact below.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
The Industry and Labor Bureau, Employment Department, Capacity development section
Phone 03-5320-4729