Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

Exhibition Booth 住エリア Exhibition Booth 住エリア2

*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Mounting

    • Tokyo hyougu kyouji naisou bunka kyokai
    1. 住エリアの表具
    2. Experience the art of scroll and paper mounting, which has been passed down for more than 1,000 years, through demonstrations by highly skilled artisans and an exhibition of hanging scrolls, and more. Come experience wonderful techniques that use glue and Japanese paper.

      • Make a karakuri byobu (trick folding screen).
      • Postcard scroll making will be demonstrated by craftspeople with traditional techniques and skills.
      • Lifestyles that feature paper mounting in line with modern sensibilities will be presented.
  • Interior

    • Tokyo Naisoshiage Ginoushikai
    1. 住エリアの内装ブース
    2. Experience making a mini lamp shade or wall clock at the Tokyo Naisoshiage Ginoushikai booth.
      Interior decor, sundries, and accessories are also displayed and sold here.

      • Make a mini lampshade and wall-clock.
      • Production of mini lampshades and wall clocks will be demonstrated by craftspeople.
      • Carpet tiles, curtain fabrics from different manufacturers, leather pouches, Italian and French frames from Plus Voce, other interior accessories, and cell phone cases will be produced and sold.
  • Wooden fittings

    • Tokyo Tategu Kyodo Kumiai
    1. 住エリアの建具ブース
    2. We host the Kumiko workshop and display and sell various wooden joinery products. The role of wooden joinery is explained in the panels. A master craftsman will also demonstrate the precision, accuracy, and wonder of woodworking.

      • Make a Kumiko coaster.
      • Traditional wooden fitting techniques, including Kumiko work, will be presented.
      • A number of charming wooden products created using traditional Japanese techniques will be presented.
      • Charming wooden products handmade by artisans from the traditional beauty of Japan will be sold.
  • Tatami

    • The Tatami Manufacturers' Association of Tokyo
    1. 住エリアの畳ブース
    2. There will be an exhibition and distribution of the rush used to make tatami mats as well as a video on production and a partial demonstration of the actual tatami mat production process.
      In the workshop, visitors can make mini tatami mats.

      • Make a mini-tatami mat.
      • Traditional hand-woven tatami mat floors and facing will be displayed.
      • Products made from rush will be sold.
  • Bedding

    • Tokyo Shingu Ginoushikai
    1. 住エリアの寝具ブース
    2. A skilled artisan will demonstrate how to make a cotton futon and exhibit their works, then there will be a workshop on making small zabuton cushions led by a nationally certified technician, who will also answer questions and concerns about bedding and sleep.

      • Try Your Hand! Handmade Personal Zabuton Cushion
      • Bedding and cushion production using eco-friendly cotton stuffing will be demonstrated.
      • An eco-friendly cotton futon made by a modern master artisan and Medal with Yellow Ribbon winner will be displayed.
      • Bedding made by a modern master artisan and first-class bedding makers will be sold.
  • Seal

    • Tokyo certified skilled workers of Seal engraving
    1. 住エリアの印章ブース
    2. Experience the traditional Japanese skill of stamp engraving and Japan's unique stamp culture through demonstrations of artisan skills and a hanko stamp making workshop.

      • Make a one-of-a-kind stamp.
      • Hand-carving of rubber stamps, wooden stamps, and stone stamps will be demonstrated by a master.
      • Works featured in the Technical Grand Prix and the National Seal Grand Prix will be displayed.
      • Cute stamp-related goods and stone seal engraving tools will be sold.
  • Bookbinding

    • Tokyo Seihon Kogyokumiai
    1. 住エリアの製本ブース
    2. The Tokyo Seihon Kogyokumiai (Tokyo Bookbinding Industry Association) aims to improve and develop the bookbinding industry. At the booth, bookbinding products will be displayed and sold along with demonstrations of Japanese bookbinding and workshops on Japanese binding and Ring binding.

      • Experience Japanese bookbinding and ring binding.
      • New possibilities in bookbinding will be presented.
      • Assignments created by trainees from the Tokyo Vocational Training School for Bookbinding will be sold.
  • Woodworking painting

    • Tokyo Mokkotoso Ginoushikai
    1. 住エリアの木工塗装ブース
    2. We specialize in painting wooden products that are part of our daily lives, such as doors, tables, chairs, and other furniture. Visit us for sales of painted wooden products, workshops, and demonstrations.

      • Experience daruma (tumbling doll) painting and coaster stenciling.
      • Lacquer-style mirror coating will be demonstrated.
      • Items made in the Skills Contest will be displayed.
      • Items displayed at the Skills Contest and other items will be sold.
  • Japanese plaster craftsman

    1. 住エリアの左官ブース
    2. On display is a structure using Otsumigaki polished earth wall, one of the finest plastering finishes there is, as well as a demonstration of a gigantic 1-meter diameter glowing earth ball made by a craftsperson and a workshop on how to make a glowing earth ball.

      • Make a glowing earth ball.
      • How to make a glowing earth ball will be demonstrated.
      • Trowel paintings, imitation board, a glowing earth ball 1 meter in diameter, and an experimental device for humidity will be displayed along with a video introducing plastering skills.
  • Tile art

    • Tokyo Tile Ginoushikai
    1. 住エリアのタイルブース
    2. A historical construction material used in the Egyptian pyramids before the Common Era, tile continues to make architecture and residential spaces beautiful around the world to this day. At the booth, tile art will be displayed and sold, and visitors can enjoy a mosaic coaster workshop.

      • So Much Fun! Experience making tile mosaic art.
      • Tile mosaic art will be demonstrated.
      • Tile mosaic art will be displayed.
      • Tile mosaic art products will be sold.
  • Carpenter

    • National Federation of Construcion Workers' Union Tokyo
    1. 住エリアの建築大工ブース
    2. The woodworking class will be available this year as well. We'll strive to make sure all visitors are satisfied.

      • Make a smartphone speaker and wooden coaster in the woodworking workshop.
        *Toolbox-Shaped Smartphone Speaker Making is up to 10 people on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Chair covering

    • Tokyo Certified Skilled Workers of Furniture Upholstery Association
    1. 住エリアの椅子張りブース
    2. Sofa upholstery will be demonstrated by a single craftsperson. Visitors can experience the process of creating comfortable seating themselves.

      • How Mysterious! Create your own comfortable sitting experience at the Sofa Comfort Workshop.
      • Sofa upholstery will be demonstrated by a single craftsperson.
      • Ways to create seating that is comfortable to you will be presented.
  • Roof tiles

    • Tokyo Kawarabuki Ginousuishin Kyogikai
    1. 住エリアの椅子張りブース
    2. Our goal is to carry on the tradition of tile roofing, improve roofing techniques, and train craftspeople. Demonstrations by craftspeople, a tile roofing installation workshop, and a commemorative photograph session will be held.

      • Experience S-shaped roof tile making.
      • The contents of the Japanese tile roofing practical test will be demonstrated.
      • Work will be presented starting midway using a frame used in the Level 2 Roofing Practical Test.
      • Coasters made from tile will be sold.
  • Waterproof coating

    • Tokyo Coating film waterproof skills test council / Tokyo Waterproof Technician Association
    1. 住エリアの椅子張りブース
    2. Waterproofing protects buildings from water damage. To produce waterproofing technicians with the proper skills, we host workshops and study sessions for those taking the skills certification test. At the booth, there is a workshop on making an original strap for your cell phone using waterproof urethane.

      • Make a one-of-a-kind original strap.
      • Models of various urethane waterproofing methods and photographs of urethane waterproofing examples will be displayed along with a video introducing urethane waterproofing techniques.
  • Steel metal

    • Tokyo Bankin Kogyo Kumiai / Tokyo Kenchiku Bankin Ginoushikai
    1. 住エリアの椅子張りブース
    2. There will be production demonstrations of pieces that show the malleability and ductility of metal as well as display and sales of products made from processed copper sheets. Visitors can experience the wonder of sheet metal processing by creating a copper whistle and relief using sheet metal tools.

      • Create a handmade whistle or handmade relief.
      • There will be demonstrations on the making of a simple decorative element without a demon face attached to the ridge of a copper roof, called a Suhama; the processing of copper plates into a folded crane; and the production of a jar through copper plate squeeze casting.
      • The exhibition will feature works jointly created by Ginoushikai (Technical Association) and works by its members as well as creative reliefs made from copper plate, vases, beads, and other accessories.
      • Copper cranes, aluminum cranes, copper straps, and small copper items will be sold.
  • Mason

    • Tokyo Stone Technicians Association
    1. 住エリアの椅子張りブース
    2. There will be stone working demonstrations by past Technical Grand Prix winners from across Japan as well as display and sales of their works and a magatama (comma-shaped bead) making experience.

      • Experience making a magatama (comma-shaped bead) necklace.
      • Stone cutting and processing will be demonstrated.
      • A pagoda and stone lantern created by two Tokyo Meisters will be displayed.
      • Single-flower vases and palm-sized stone products will be sold.
  • Landscaping

    • Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors Tokyo Branch
    1. 住エリアの造園ブース
    2. This booth offers a wide variety of programs, including LED candle making, sekimori-ishi (barrier stone) paperweight making, and more.

      • Experience making bamboo candle and a sekimori-ishi (barrier stone) paperweight out of stone.
      • We made an alley of Shosoan.