Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

Exhibition Booth 伝統工芸 Exhibition Booth 伝統工芸2

*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Tokyo plain dyeing・Edo Sarasa

    • Tokyo-to Senshoku Kogyo Kyodo Kumiai
    1. 東京無地染
    2. Hand towel tie-dyeing, how to dye to a specified color using various tools, and unraveling will be performed. View the skills and techniques of local Tokyo plain dyeing artisans and experience the joy of creation at the workshop, where you can learn about the wonder of traditional arts and crafts.

      • Join the hand towel itajime (board-clamp dyeing) workshop and make walnut buttons.
      • Hand towel itajime (board-clamp dyeing) will be demonstrated.
      • Hand towels, scarves, and quilted drawstring purses will be displayed.
      • Hand towels will be sold.
  • Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen (textiles)

    • Tokyo Kogei Senshoku Kogyo Kyodo Kumiai
    1. 東京手描友禅
    2. Watch a demonstration of the Yuzen-Sashi dyeing process at the booth. Then try your hand at Yuzen-Sashi dyeing at the workshop by creating a pattern on a cotton handkerchief.

      • Yuzen-Sashi Dyeing Workshop
      • Thread pasting and the Yuzen-Sashi dyeing process will be demonstrated and explained by the artisans themselves.
  • Hachioji Textile

    • Hachioji Textile Industrial Association
    1. 多摩織
    2. Tama Ori, a type of weaving process with a history and tradition of more than 400 years, is used to produce both Japanese and Western clothes.
      Please take this opportunity to experience Tama Ori weaving.

      • Experience coaster weaving using silk threads.
      • Tama Ori pongee weaving will be demonstrated.
      • Kimono fabric made using Tama Ori will be displayed.
      • Accessories and scarves made using Tama Ori will be sold.
  • Edo Sashimono

    • Edo Sashimono Association
    1. 江戸指物
    2. A highly-skilled traditional Edo-style cabinetwork craftsperson will demonstrate how to make a writing desk. There is also a workshop where visitors can make octagonal chopsticks out of Japanese cypress using a small gunner under the guidance of a craftsperson.

      • Experience making octagonal chopsticks out of cypress.
      • The secret miter dovetail joint, a quintessential joint process in Edo-style cabinet work, will be demonstrated.
      • A sample of a hidden dovetail joint, considered the most difficult board joinery technique, will be displayed, as well as samples of wooden materials.
      • Products made with Edo joinery will be sold.
  • Tokyo Honzome (Indigo-Dyed) Yukata (Summer Kimono) and Hand Towels

    • Kanto Chusen Kogyo Kyodo Kumiai
    1. 東京本染ゆかた
    2. Experience dying a hand towel using the traditional dyeing technique known as Chusen. Hand towels dyed using the Chusen method are dyed without a reverse side, and the more they are used, the better they look. Hand towels that have been hand-dyed by artisans will also be sold.

      • Experience dyeing a Chusen hand towel.
      • Chusen hand towel dyeing will be demonstrated. After dyeing, products will be washed specially on the spot to show off the finished product.
      • A diorama faithfully reproducing the work process and tools used in Chusen dyeing will be displayed.
      • Japanese sundries such as hand towels, scarves, and tote bags dyed using the Chusen method will also be sold.
  • Edo embroidery

    • Tokyo Shishu Kyodo Kumiai
    1. 江戸刺繍
    2. Edo embroidery artisans will give demonstrations and sell accessories they have created. Visitors can also try their hand at embroidery using silk and gold threads at the workshop.

      • Experience making a brooch, hair tie, and obi sash clip using genuine materials.
      • Creating a pattern on the obi sash and piece stitching using gold and platinum threads will be demonstrated.
      • Beautiful silk obi sashes will be displayed.
        Through these, you will understand not only the beauty but the difficulty of embroidery.
      • Obi sashes, embroidered frames, sukiya pouches, accessories, wallets, and small cloth goods will be sold.
  • Tokyo carving metal

    • Japan Choukinkai
    1. 東京彫金
    2. The art of metal engraving on copper. There will be a demonstration of inlaying methods, in which silver or other base metals are engraved with a pattern, then inlaid with a different metal.

      • Carve an initial into a silver plate using a chisel to make a strap or pendant top.
      • Engraving techniques using a chisel will be demonstrated.
  • Japanese Sword

    • The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture
    1. 伝文エリアの日本刀
    2. Sword artisans in a variety of fields such as inscription, polishing, and engraving will demonstrate the skills involved in creating a sword.
      Popular Japanese sword-related ornaments and books will also be sold.

      • Sword-making skills used to make katanas will be demonstrated.
      • Authentic swords, crossguards, and other sword fittings will be displayed.
      • Products related to Japanese swords will be sold.