ものづくり匠の技の祭典 2018 衣食ものづくり匠の技の祭典 2018 住工

日本の文化と食を再発見するイベント ものづくり匠の技の祭典 2018

It is an event where you can experience the techniques of traditional craftsmanship which has supported Japan and the cutting-edge manufacturing technology.
Let's rediscover the lives and craftsmanship which Japanese artisans have grown by not only looking at the excellent techniques of clothing, food, housing and manufacturing but also experiencing them.

Admission FreeQuality items on display and for sale!

Material fee required for some hands-on activities


We will update our web site in a timely manner about event contents /
announcement of the latest information of the exhibitors, advance reservation reception for experience programs and so on.



You can enjoy the demonstration of "Takumi no Waza" in the videos and photos.



Experience Program

You can view the various scenery of experiencing events.



Floor Guide

You can see the photos of the exhibition which is full of highlights.


Please take this opportunity to touch
"skill of the craftworks"!
We are waiting in the hall

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