Admission Free

【Material fee required for some hands-on activities】

You can look and experience the unique techniques for clothing, food, homing and manufacturing!

We will spread the attraction of the techniques of
traditional craftsmanship
which has supported Japan.
It is an event that everyone can enjoy by not only looking at the excellent techniques of clothing, food, housing and manufacturing but also experiencing them. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

What's New Information

  • 2019/04/24

    Website was launched

We will update our web site in a timely manner about event contents / announcement of the latest information of the exhibitors, advance reservation reception for experience programs and so on.

Holding Pattern

Various "Takumi no Waza (craftspersonship)" that have supported Japan have gathered in Tokyo from all over Japan!
First, let's check the previous event and learn about the festival of manufacturing / craftspersonship!

Please take this opportunity to touch "skill of the craftworks"! We are waiting in the hall

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