Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

Exhibition Booth 住エリア Exhibition Booth 住エリア2

*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Toyota 2000GT

    • Visiting old, Learn new Automobile Culture Communication
    1. 工エリアの2000GT
    2. Automobile manufacturing made possible through Japanese craftsmanship, exemplified by Toyota 2000GT, and the repair skills required to maintain its performance, will be demonstrated using an actual vehicle and panels.

      • Manufacturing and repair techniques used in the Toyota 2000GT are presented by a master craftsperson.
  • Metal goods, machinery manufacturing

    1. 工エリアの2000GT
    2. There will be a mini archery set making workshop, a presentation on “electric micro-mobility” as a new method of transportation, and an exhibition on the planning, development, and production of archery.

      • Experience making a mini-archery set.
      • A new mode of ultra-compact electric mobility and customized services tailored to different needs will be presented.
        The inclusion of digital transportation technology in the planning, development, and production of archery products will also be introduced.
  • Technical support

    • Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
    1. 技術支援
    2. The Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute is a public research institute that provides technical support to small and medium-sized companies. The fruits of the Institute's research and development will be presented at the booth.

      • The fruits of joint development with small to medium-sized companies as well as guide robots developed by the Center will be displayed.