Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

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*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Flower Decoration

    • Flower-Soushoku-Ginoushikai Tokyo
    1. 衣エリアのフラワー装飾
    2. Skilled artisans demonstrate flower design and teach simple, authentic flower arrangement in a photogenic booth decorated with flowers.

      • Join an arrangement workshop taught by a pro.
      • A florist demonstrates sustainable flowers.
      • A sustainable world created by a florist (a photo spot) will be displayed.
  • Precious metals accessories

    • Tokyo Kikinzoku Ginoushikai
    1. 衣エリアのジュエリーブース
    2. An association of highly skilled jewelry makers who have passed national certification. View one of these techniques at the venue, then experience making straps together with a craftsperson.

      • Cut, Hammer, Fasten, and Create. Experience the art of jewelry.
      • How to use a jewelry saw and chisel as well as how to set a stone will be demonstrated.
      • The history of metalworking techniques and changing fashions will be displayed.
      • Pieces bursting with individuality will be sold.
  • Japanese dressmaking/kimono-making

    • Zenkoku Wasai Ginoushikai/Tokyo Wasai Ginoushikai
    1. 衣エリアの和裁ブース
    2. Men's tailoring will be demonstrated, and you can see a twelve-layer kimono and wedding kimono up close. Japanese accessory making is also available. Goods related to Japanese dressmaking and Japanese clothes are also available for purchase.

      • Experience making a strap for Japanese zori sandals, clam straps, a kimono-shaped plastic bottle holder, and needling.
      • Men's tailoring will be demonstrated.
      • Twelve-layered kimonos and wedding kimonos will be displayed.
      • Japanese accessories, yukata (summer robes), geta (Japanese sandals) sewing tools, books on Japanese dressmaking, DVDs, hand towels, fabric scraps, handmade accessories, and more will be sold.
  • Kimono Dressing

    • Chuo Kitsuke-shi Skill Development Cooperatives Ginoushikai
    1. 衣エリアの着付けブース
    2. Japan's only kimono dressing cooperative demonstrates the art of kimono dressing. Japanese and non-Japanese alike are welcome to take this opportunity to observe.

      • Formal Japanese dressing, including long-sleeved furisode, monpuku, and shicigosan will be presented.
  • Dressmaking

    1. 衣エリアの洋裁(婦人服・子供服)
    • Nihon Dress Association

    This organization focuses on improving skills and techniques as well as training the future generation to carry on the tradition of Western-style dressmaking. The booth displays and sells clothes and accessories created by a Western-style dressmaker as well as offers a workshop on making doll clothes.

    • Make doll clothes.
    • Works by winners of the All Japan Dress Competition and first-class technicians will be displayed.
    • Blouses, tunics, jackets, skirts, dresses, aprons, tote bags, and other clothing made by first-class artisans will be sold.
    • All Nihon Yousai Ginoukyokai Tokyo Branch / Tokyo Dress Making Ginoushikai

    We are a group of first-class technicians. Enjoy an exhibition of technicians' work and a fashion show as well as sales of clothes, bags, and accessories, and a drawstring making workshop.

    • Make a drawstring purse.
    • Formal and casual pieces will be displayed.
    • Jackets, blouses, bags, and accessories will be sold.
    • Japan Fashion Creator Association

    The Japan Fashion Creator Association exhibits and sells clothes made by technicians. Various accessories that are fun just to look at will be sold as well. Experiencing making an azuma bukuro (cloth bag) under the guidance of a master.

    • Make an azuma bukuro (cloth sack).
    • Works made by technicians will be displayed.
    • Blouses, dresses, vests, and cloth zori sandals will be sold.
  • Sewing machine

    • Tokyo Sewing Machine Commerce Cooperative
    1. 衣エリアのミシン
    2. We are actively involved in the sewing industry as a dealer of household and industrial sewing machines. Enjoy a demonstration of maintenance techniques, then experience different kinds of dewing with the support of an experienced craftsperson at the workshop.

      • Experience making a cooling tote bag and tissue case.
      • Disassembly, assembly, and repairs of industrial sewing machines will be demonstrated.
      • There will be a video explanation on the work and skills of sewing machine maintenance technicians as well as a display showing a machine being disassembled.