Exhibition Booth

Organizations and companies that carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship will showcase their artisan skills.

Exhibition Booth 住エリア Exhibition Booth 住エリア2

*The contents of the exhibition booth are subject to change. *The photo below is an image.

  • Japanese musical instrument

    • Traditional Japanese Instrumemts Promotion Association
    1. 伝文エリアの和楽器ブース
    2. There will be demonstrations on how shamisen, shakuhachi, shinobue, bamboo flutes nohkan, and Japanese hand drums are produced. Craftspeople will also demonstrate how to make Japanese instruments using traditional methods. Visitors can also touch the instruments if they wish.

      • Pluck, Touch, Blow! Experience delightful Japanese instruments.
      • Craftspeople will demonstrate how to make Japanese instruments.
      • The mechanisms of different Japanese instruments will be explained.
  • Japanese Embroidery

    • Japanese Embroidery Kurenai-kai
    1. 伝文エリアの日本刺繍ブース
    2. Japanese embroidery uses silk and metallic threads to express a world of elegance on silk. Behold a world created through the fusion of sophisticated patterns and colors created by a needle and thread in an art with a history of more than 1,000 years.

      • Experience Japanese embroidery.
      • The Japanese embroidery production process will be demonstrated.
      • Examples of Japanese embroidery will be displayed.
      • Accessories made with Japanese embroidery, publications featuring Japanese embroidery work, and tools and materials used for Japanese embroidery will be sold.
  • Tokyo Shippou

    • Tokyo Shippou Industry Association
    1. 東京七宝
    2. In the cloisonne ware workshop, feel the heat emitted from the electric furnace during the firing process and see how the shimmer of the glaze changes after firing. The highlight of the demonstration is when the different types of glazes are blurred together to add color.

      • Experience Shippo-yaki ceramic.
      • The openwork cloisonne production process and wired cloisonne production process will be demonstrated.
      • Wired cloisonne accessories, including primarily traditional crafts designated by the city of Tokyo, will be sold.