Demonstration of 'Craftsmanship' gathered from all over Japan.

Demonstration of 'Craftsmanship' gathered from all over Japan.
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Stage Schedule

※ The photos were taken last year.

  • 10:00~10:22

    We will showcase collaborative work by plaster craftsmen, tiled craftsmen, stamp carving craftsmen and excite the opening. We will show you new possibilities by collaboration of Takumi's technique.

  • 11:00~11:45
    Haute Couture Collection Takumi Japan 2018
    • Nihon Dress Association
    • All Nihon Yousai Ginoukyokai Tokyo Branch
    • Tokyo Dress Making Ginoushikai
    • Japan Fashion Creator Association
    • Tokyo Master Tailors Cooperative Association

    A fashion show showing 45 women's clothes and 5 men's clothes produced painstakingly by qualified specialists. Look out to every corner of the clothes, please enjoy the wonderfulness of handmade clothes which were made up with the greatest care.

    Haute Couture Collection Takumi Japan 2018
  • 12:15~13:00
    Demonstration of Ikebana
    (flower arrangement) Traditional Beauty/
    Modern Beauty
    • TEIKOKUKADOUIN association

    You will watch the demonstration of Ikebana by Riei Ikeda, Iemoto (head) of Koryu Shoto-Kai, Director of Teikoku Kadouin.
    Please enjoy the demonstrations of two styles of Ikebana, traditional type "Seika (fresh flower)" handed down from the middle of the Edo period, and a free and new expression "Gendaika (modern flower)".

    Demonstration of Ikebana(flower arrangement) Traditional Beauty/Modern Beauty
  • 13:30~14:15
    I'su hari art!
    • Tokyo Certified Skilled Workers of Furniture Upholstery Association

    Toward the Rugby World Cup to be held next year in Japan, a rugby ball is upholstered as three-dimensional art by upholsterers to send cheers.

    I'su hari art!
  • 14:45~15:15
    Shijou-ryu Tsukasa-ke Knife Ceremony
    • NPO Shijotsukasake Japanese food culture Association

    As a successor to the history of food culture over 1,200 years, Takahiko Shijou, the 41st Leader of Shijou-ryu Tsukasa-ke, a head family of Japanese cuisine and knife school and a royal family, has carried on the fundamental system. Please take a look at the ceremony of eating etiquette which Japan is proud of and is unparalleled in the world.

    Shijou-ryu Tsukasa-ke Knife Ceremony
  • 15:45~16:25
    Pop-up tea room "SHUN-An" On stage
    • Project of "SHUN-An"

    “SHUN-An”, a super simple portable team room that can be built in 3 seconds
    An amazing tea room will be announced, which is a combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

    Pop-up tea room SHUN-An On stage
  • 17:00~17:45
    Kyogen "Oka Dayu" & Experience Workshop
    • Zenchiku Kyogen society

    This program is Kyogen "Oka Dayu".
    In order to allow beginners to enjoy, explanations about music and the program are made, and the workshop is held.
    Collaboration with Traditional crafts is one of amusements, for example, "shoulder gown dyed with Nagoya Yuzen", "Bizen-yaki ware of Okayama", "tatami made of Kunisaki Shichitoi of Oita" which are used in the program.

    Kyogen Oka Dayu & Experience Workshop

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