"Regional Takumi" Certificate of appreciation

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry and Labor Bureau is aimed at spreading the spirit of respect for skills in general and improving the social position and skill level of skilled technicians and the like, We certify a skilled technician as a ”Regional Takumi" and present a letter of appreciation.
This time, We will introduce "Regional Takumi" to give a letter of appreciation.

Name Job cat. Employer Recommend District municipality Outline of Skill Achievement
Kazuto Kumazaki Yuzen dyeing worker Kumazaki workshop Shinjuku It is an excellent technician of hand-painted Yuzen who can finish the work from the design, such as sketch and thread, with consistency.
From finer things such as Edo sightseeing drawing and Edo solution pattern, we are working on bold patterns such as stage costumes.
That work has given amazement and impression to many people.
He is also recognized as a traditional craftsman and has won many awards at the Dyeing Exhibition Competition.
It is also aggressive in nurturing backwards.
Makoto Kunii Industrial machine assembly worker WEL-KEN CO.,LTD Setagaya It has excellent understanding and correspondence to advanced technology, has development capability, makes a great contribution to the development of fiber laser welding machine, and has made great contribution to the improvement of the Vortex method (rotation of laser light) in particular.
Currently, this fiber laser welding machine has been well received by users.
Emiko Kamata Production of rattan products worker Handmade Studio Kamata Tothima It has outstanding skills of Tokyo rattan crafts and incorporates materials other than rattan, creating many original products from a unique perspective of women.
In addition, he has served as an officer of the Toshima Ward Traditional Crafts Preservation Committee and is active in promoting lecturers in traditional crafting classes, contributing to the dissemination and enlightenment of traditional crafts in the community.
Tomiharu Chiba Production of wooden teaching materials worker Chiba Corporation Arakawa It is a representative of a company that manufactures teaching materials of "woodworking" which is only about three companies nationwide, and also a craftsman.
Three-dimensional model for arithmetic / mathematical teaching produced by himself has a reputation as a teacher in the field as appealing to the child's memory ability by touch, boasts the nation's most share.
The skill was approved in FY2017, and it is certified as Arakawa Meister.
Teiichi Ichinotani Decorative job Ichinotani Martial arts Edogawa In particular, he has the skills to manufacture metal jigs, especially the skills to excel in the skills of "watermark carving", "hair carving" and "meat carving" of shrines for Shrines and skills to check the extent of scaling of bare metal It also contributes to the development of industry such as restoration of cultural assets.
In addition, while utilizing traditional techniques,also ambitious to develop new products, such as original products suitable for modern times.
Akira Suzuki Casting worker SUZUKI GOKIN Hachioji In the casting industry, which has been decreasing in the Tama area, he has worked for many years in designing and manufacturing precision parts used in parts for medical equipment such as microscopes and parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and has excellent knowledge and skills.
In order to acquire new technology relating to foundry as a manager, he worked with regional foundry manufacturing companies to improve productivity of casting operations and contributed to nurturing reverse engineers.
Mamoru Tsuge Mounting Craftman Tsuge Mounting store Fussa Excellent skill as a Mounting Craftman, he was responsible for wall pasting of the German building in the Edo-Tokyo district, tailoring the folding screen of the Maruki Art Museum in Higashimatsuyama, taking out the scrape of the hanging scroll and removing the mold from the copperplate Techniques such as high are also available, and there are also awards in the national competition on hanging scrolls.
In addition, he is focusing on the guidance and training of backwards, and it also contributes greatly to the development of the industry.

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