Former world champion of K-1 WORLD MAX,
Masato will show up to the 2019 Monozukuri-A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques!

K-1 WORLD MAX元世界王者の魔裟斗(まさと)さん

I like 'Monozukuri' to allow me to express 'My personality'.

I am by no means dexterous with hands. Of course, it is important to make something carefully and well, but I would like to express "my own identity" more powerfully, adventurously and on my own way.
The Monozukuri is a perfect way to disseminate our own personality, right? Whether it is good or not, I do like young people to challenge "Monozukuri".

I am really proud of Japan Monozukuri.

They say Japanese people are serious, punctual and hard working. I think that is why Monozukuri in the country is great traditional culture that could only be formed by such Japanese people.
It is not easy for them to continuously inherit the craftsmanship from generation to generation for several hundred years, is it? At the venue, "look at", "listen to" and "experience" a number of craftsmanship that we are proud of worldwide.

K-1 WORLD Masato, who has been known as the former World Champion of K-1 WORLD MAX and whose skills of architecture has got better in a popular TV program, will come to this event.

Appearance schedule

July 25(Thu)
9:45~ opening  
12:00~ Special stage
(Click here for details)
July 26(Fri)
15:00~ Special stage(Click here for details)
July 27(Sat)
12:20~ Special stage(Click here for details)


Foreigners (Japan ambassadors) who love the Japanese culture also pay attention to the "Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques"!
On the first day of the festival, they will come to experience "Craftsmen's Technique"!

セラフ ソンさん


seraph_sun(Hometown: Singapore)

I discovered from "Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques" that there are so many Japanese traditional crafts that I didn't know about, and would love to experience them. I would love to try making cloisonne ware, magatama necklace, and netsuke, for I love accessories. Also, as I enjoy painting, I would like to try painting a Daruma doll. I would also like to try engraving, so hanko making, fruit carving and soap sculpture also seem fun. “Edo Kiriko” looks rather daunting to me, but if there is a chance I would like to try it ask well because Japanese glass art is truly exquisite.


Travel KOL

Binbin(Hometown: China)

When I had the opportunity to visit the Asakusa shopping area as a reporter for program that showcased Japan, I was very impressed by the craftsman’s delicate work, watching how he carefully hand-made folding fans one by one. This time, I am excited to see an ikebana live performance and all the other crafts that "Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques". I am specially looking forward to participate in the experience program.

ユ ジェユン


Yu Yaejun(Hometown: Korea)

Since I watch Juzo Itami’s movie “Dandelion” I became deeply interested in the Japanese traditional crafts. After living in Japan for several years, I am still amazed to see every day the uniqueness of its culture and affection. I am looking forward to learn more about Japanese craftsmanship and its unique culture by participating in the experience program of "Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques".


Freelance Writer & Blogger

Otsuka taitai(Hometown: Taiwan)

I have been always very impressed about the skills of Japanese craftsmanship and the awareness Japanese people has of its traditional culture. I think this is a very valuable opportunity to interact with craftsmen and experience their traditional artisanal techniques. I am particularly interested in and looking forward to the “Edo Kiriko experience of carving Kikumon”.

We look forward to seeing you!

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